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"A culture's teachings, and most importantly, the nature of it's people, achieve definition in conflict. They find themselves...or find themselves lacking. Too long did the Republic remain unchallenged. It is a stagnant beast that labors for breath... and has for centuries. The Jedi Order was the heart that sustained its sickness -- now the Jedi are lost, we shall see how long the Republic can survive. The Republic was never what was important -- ever. It was but a shell that surrounds the Jedi -- just as the teachings of the Jedi are a shell surrounding the heart of man. You see, the war, the true war, has never been one waged by droids, or warships, or soldiers. They are but crude matter, obstacles against which we test ourselves. The true war is waged in the hearts of all living things, against our own natures, light or dark. That is what shapes and binds this galaxy, not these creations of man. You are a battleground. And if you fall, the death of the Republic will be such a quiet thing, a whisper, that shall herald the darkness to come."
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